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Impressive web design with results by e-commerce agency.

Website Design for E-Commerce

It all comes down to what you’re selling, how often you’re updating your inventory and what your customers do online. We employ a variety of cutting-edge tools at EuraWest Technologies, as an established e-commerce agency, to create an engaging, creative e-commerce website design that meets your immediate and long-term business objectives.

To increase sales, your online business must present itself in a professional manner, but this is just half of the equation. Gaining new clients and increasing your website’s digital traffic begins with identifying the best marketing strategy for your business and your budget. E-commerce platforms that are easy, beautiful, and successful are our speciality; we also help you keep customers coming back for your products and services. You can fully rely on our experience as we’ve finished many successful projects under Eternus Global.

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Design, Strategy, And Marketing By E-Commerce Agency

Whatever your business is, we can help you develop a full, eye-catching e-commerce website design that will help you advertise your products in the best possible way. Additionally, we’ll collaborate with you to create an organic, high-value plan for your website in conjunction with paid search marketing. Learn about our sponsored search efforts by visiting this page.

There’s no denying that the specialized design and construction process created by e-commerce agency produces the greatest and fastest outcomes. We do, however, acknowledge that this is not a road for everyone. As a result, we have a team of experts that can do a comprehensive digital audit of your present website as well as any SEO, PPC, or social media accounts you may have.

Our complete e-commerce services are divided into the following action areas, and our e-commerce agency will design a customized strategy for you that includes any or all of them.

Payment Systems for E-commerce

For their online transactions, modern customers have learned to anticipate simple and uncomplicated payment solutions. Because smooth payment gateway integration is critical to the customer experience, this implies. Our e-commerce agents have a great deal of experience in this area and can guide you away from the most common pitfalls. We’ll work with you to create a flawless client experience that benefits everyone involved.

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A 360-Degree Approach

To build your online presence from the bottom up, EuraWest Technologies’ e-commerce agents use cutting-edge design, content, and marketing techniques. We can work with any current designs, text, and SEO work, or we can start from scratch. Based on your needs and budget, we’ll work together to find a solution.

Site designers that use jargon and obscure terminology irritate us greatly. The greatest outcomes are attained when all participants are clear, confident, and up-to-date on any concept or plan. This is why our e-commerce agents never use technical jargon and are always ready to explain more challenging web topics like analytics and SEO so you can make educated choices about your site.


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E-commerce Website Design That Is Responsive

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can assist you in creating and delivering a one-of-a-kind client experience that is supported by cutting-edge technology, security, and digital marketing skills.

We can build a custom platform that meets all of your company objectives, assist with any brand identity needs you may have, or work with your current digital presence to get the most out of your investment.

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Consultancy In The Field Of E-Commerce

You may have an in-house marketing staff that handles part or all of your e-commerce output, or you may be a one-person shop attempting to do everything yourself.

Our in-house e-commerce agents have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in analyzing data, tracking online retail trends, and implementing innovative marketing techniques.


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E-commerce Promotion

Competitor analysis is one of our expertise. We, as a recognized e-commerce agency, believe in extensive study and preparation, which is why, before we begin, we do a detailed evaluation of your present setup as well as a thorough examination of your primary competitors.

We can show you where you currently have a bigger consumer base and where you can improve to get more customers and increase revenue.

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Design For E-Commerce Websites

Our in-house designers will utilize a variety of tools and apps to construct an e-commerce site that is both pleasant and simple to browse for your consumers.


Your consumers will be able to concentrate on the items and services you provide if you create a successful digital shopfront with clear branding and content.

Our e-commerce agents can assist you to refresh your current corporate design work or, if necessary, perform a full rebrand.

Thinking In A Result-Oriented Way

Our staff has years of expertise assisting companies in increasing client traffic and, as a result, profitability.


We do extensive research and analysis to determine your present strengths and shortcomings, as well as areas where you can outperform the competition, capture real clients, and increase revenue.

Website Design for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Intuitive web design that includes SEO.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Paid Search options that are both affordable and scalable, and are overseen by a professional workforce.

Optimisation of Conversion Rates

Genuine clients are targeted, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Recovery of Abandoned Carts

With extensive and well-presented client interaction, our e-commerce agents can help you maximize sales.

The 'User Journey' Is Being Curated.

Providing a pleasant and error-free shopping experience for your consumers.

Public Relations Management

Maintaining the value of your brand via on-point and on-message communication.

Email Marketing

Maintaining GDPR compliance while keeping your clients up to speed on all of your current deals.

Creating Digital Partnerships

Identifying marketing and collaboration possibilities to help you grow your brand and reach.

Systems For Detailed Analytics And Reporting

User-friendly dashboards that offer you access to your statistics and insights at any time of day or night.

Indicators of Key Performance

Measurable goals that demonstrate how well your e-commerce company objectives are being reached.

95% of businesses, organizations, charities, nonprofits and agencies have something to do with e-commerce on the internet.

Although you may not have tangible things to sell in an online store, e-commerce encompasses much more than online storefronts.

Booking and reserving, digital downloads, streaming, pay-per-view, and subscription services are all included in e-commerce systems.

Even if you can’t offer your principal services online (such as a hair salon), you may be able to schedule appointments via a diary availability page or sell the products you use in-person through an online shop.

Speak with our professional and experienced e-commerce agents about the possibility of incorporating e-commerce into your website and monetizing previously underutilized sections of your organization.

The Design Methodology

We take pleasure in being customer-focused. On everything from your exact e-commerce website design demands and budget to timeframes and delivery, we follow your lead. We may collaborate with any other digital or e-commerce agencies you use or oversee the full project.

Recognizing Your Company

There is no one who is more knowledgeable about your business and your customers than you. In a series of preliminary meetings and talks, we’ll get to know you and your team and discover what makes your business tick. We’d like to learn more about how you operate, who your clientele is, and where you hope to go in the future.

Goals, Objectives, and Objectives

Creating objectives that are quantifiable and attainable. Our e-commerce agents can help you define appropriate standards for your company’s growth based on our consulting and research methods.

Identity of a Company

Creating the ideal appearance and feel for your business. The most crucial piece of e-commerce website design work you’ll ever undertake is undoubtedly developing your brand identity. Our e-commerce agents at EuraWest Technologies can help you with a full rebrand or a refresh of your current images.

Your Individual Clientele

Who, where, what, and why are the questions. Part of our in-depth research method is devoted to completely comprehending your present client base, determining their online behaviours, forecasting future consumer trends in your industry, and uncovering untapped customer resources to investigate.

Technology That Is Easy To Use

Assuring That You Maintain Control.

We, as an e-commerce agency, provide website design solutions with customized ‘back-ends,’ allowing our clients to update or add goods as well as upload other information such as blogs and marketing materials.

Evolution & Development

Getting Your Website Ready for the Future

The greatest way to monitor and analyze the effects of design, marketing, and consultation is to perform them in tiny increments. The e-commerce team in our agency will assist you in prioritizing the most crucial tasks first and planning the following steps to naturally grow your company.

The Essential Elements of a Successful E-Commerce Website

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Aims For Each Individual Web Page

A specific set of measurable goals should be established for each page of your website. Our team employs design elements and storylines to promote the appropriate buyer behaviour on each page. Simple click-throughs, requests for information, purchases, and social media sharing are all examples.

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Product Pages That Make Money

Your eCommerce site’s product pages are the most important part and must be faultless. EuraWest Technologies can assist you in realizing your goal by creating material that is clean, clear, and well-designed. Putting your items on display in the best possible light and providing the consumer with all of the information they want before clicking Buy.

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Checkouts In A Hurry

In our e-commerce agency, we know that removing ‘barriers to purchase is something that all companies want. This is why we pay particular attention to optimizing your checkout process and smoothing the sales route so that your customers’ lives are made simpler.

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Search Functions That Are Intelligent

Our designers employ a variety of techniques to enhance your site’s search functionality so that your customers can discover the perfect product fast. These capabilities also enable you to better analyze and react to client behaviour on your website.

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Recommendations Made-to-Order

The build team in our marketing agency can design an environment that increases the possibility of follow-up sales by offering customers personalized suggestions based on their prior purchases and behaviours using a thorough and information-driven framework.


Search Engine Optimization and Visibility

It all comes down to having a solid SEO strategy that is always changing and improving in order to ensure that your site can be discovered simply and swiftly. We construct our sites with SEO in mind, and our e-commerce agents monitor your progress to ensure you get the greatest search results possible.

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Optimisation For Mobile

Most of your consumers will use a smartphone or tablet to view your website and make a purchase from there. This implies that your whole online presence, particularly your customer’s sales journey, must be thoroughly optimized. As a standard, in our e-commerce agency, we build responsive websites that are completely adaptable and perform flawlessly across all digital devices.

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Avoiding Carts That Have Been Abandoned

‘Abandoned Carts’ hold approximately £4 trillion worth of goods and services each year. You may have seen this on your own site and been disappointed by the resulting missed sales and earnings. EuraWest Technologies’ goal is to give you the most streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective e-commerce website design, web development, and ongoing support possible allowing you to increase sales and gain new consumers. One of the methods our e-commerce agents use is to assist businesses in recovering lost sales from abandoned carts by using one or more of the solutions listed below.


Emails from Carts That Have Been Abandoned

Automated email correspondence and trigger-based communications allow you to send highly personalized and targeted emails to new and current customers, ranging from a new offer or discount to reminding them of the items they’d previously placed in their shopping cart and left behind.

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Remarketing or retargeting clients who have already visited your website through other online platforms and sites has a far greater Click Through Rate than PPC or other paid search advertising (CTR). We set up basic tracking pixels that record what clients saw on your site and remind them later about the things they expressed interest in.

Optimisation of the Sales Path

The key to optimizing your consumers’ sales experience is to keep it simple, yet our e-commerce agents often encounter sites with too complicated systems, inadequate payment gateway connectivity, and missing data. Customers lose interest, get irritated, and click away as a result of all of this.


We can identify and repair all those gaps and faults that prevent a user from making a purchase by looking at your site through the eyes of a consumer.


Exit Intent Technology (EIT) is a simple but effective piece of software that detects when people are ready to depart a website. It is designed to prevent abandoned carts by predicting the user’s purpose and providing suggestions to assist the client in completing the purchase.

Our e-commerce agents would do a first A/B test before putting EIT on your site to see which kinds and types of content your consumers react most to.

Your E-commerce Marketing Agents

Marketing for E-Commerce

At EuraWest Technologies, we believe that knowing your consumer base, knowing where they are on the internet, and knowing how they engage with others and with you is critical to any marketing strategy. In the team of e-commerce agents, we have industry-leading market researchers and analysts that will analyze your consumers' online behaviours in order to design a marketing strategy that is specific to your business, goods, clients, and long-term objectives. We utilize the following tools to help your firm be seen by the relevant people:


Creating a complete resource for future planning by compiling a strong basis of facts.


Working with you to develop a strategy and plan of action for your immediate and long-term objectives.

Evaluation and evolution

Continually review your outcomes and analytics in order to fine-tune your campaign for the greatest results.


We define quantifiable goals for each part of your site, focusing on acquisition and conversion.


Your internet presence strategy should be founded on your research, goals, and preparedness.

Digital & E-commerce Marketing Services Across the Board

The e-commerce agents deal with a wide range of customers, each with its own set of digital requirements and e-commerce sites. Because no two businesses are the same, we’ve developed a set of e-commerce marketing services that may be utilized alone or in combination to build a custom approach.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

You need attention-grabbing, carefully designed content that appeals to your target demographic to attract clients. We employ our extensive keyword research to assist you in gaining genuine clicks that are more likely to convert to sales.


If a site is not or badly optimized, it will be hard for search engines to discover it. This is why, in order to assist you to advance the search results, our designers include SEO functionality into the fabric of your material.

Conversion Rate Optimization

One thing is to attract people to your site, but another is convincing those visitors to buy anything from your site. We concentrate on attracting authentic, targeted clients who are more likely to buy because they are interested in what you have to offer.

Tablets and Smartphones

We make sure your site is adequately optimized for all portable digital hardware since about 65 per cent of transactions begin on mobile devices.

Email Marketing And Remarketing

Personalized customer messages based on previous purchases, active links, abandoned carts, and special offers may help you stay ahead of the competition and increase sales.

Feedback & Analytics

All of our e-commerce website designs have user-friendly dashboards that allow you to keep track of your statistics and data. We can assist you in deciphering the data and use it to plan future activities.

Management Of Social Media

Our e-commerce agents will assist you in defining your company’s voice and style across all platforms. This increases your company’s exposure and presence boosts consumer trust and enables you to engage with your users in more ways.

Partnerships in Public Relations and the Internet

We’ll work with you to locate and approach significant new voices in your industry who are relevant to your goods, and we’ll get your firm on their radar.

Some Of Our Clients

The list of clients we have speaks for itself. We’ve represented everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations with the same partnering approach and passion at the heart of each engagement since our inception. We’ve been committing our hearts and brains to our customers every day since 2003, generating amazing success and developing enduring partnerships.

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