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Let’s imagine you have some ideas on a english article writing subject and want to discuss them with others. However, what approach will you employ to accomplish this? You have the option of sharing your ideas with people in your near proximity. But if you would like to enlighten the whole community, not just those individuals? What approach will you employ to accomplish this? Isn’t it accurate that you’ll express yourself in this manner?

You’ve undoubtedly seen some writers or people writing in newspapers, magazines, journals, or blogs about their problems and remedies. In addition, they’re writing articles on their ideas and opinions. In this section, we’ll become acquainted with writing articles and the structure of articles.


An article is a bit of writing intended for a large audience. The primary purpose of creating an article into a website is to have it published in newspapers, magazines, or periodicals so that it might impact the world.

It might be based on the writer’s personal interests or current events. The topic may be important or just not, and the tone and content could be serious or not very well.

An article has the following objectives:

It brings the ideas or issues of interest to the front.

You’ll get ideas and advice from it.

Has an impact on the audience and gets them to think about what they’ve just seen.

Writing Articles in a Specific Format

In order to pique the readers’ attention, a post must be well-organized. The following is the basic framework of an article writing format:

Steps to Formatting an Article

Consider the topic you want to write about in your article. After you’ve chosen a topic, you can go on to the following steps along the way one by one:

After you’ve finished all of the previous steps, you may go on to the final step: writing.

Typical Article Writing Format Errors

Now that you know the stages of writing articles and the structure of an article, you’re more likely to make mistakes. Some instances of common errors are as follows:

When writing an article, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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