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Show off what you have

Customers who are looking for what you have to offer, whether they are at home, on the go, or in your store, are the ones you should be selling to. You'll only have to pay when someone visits your website or looks at your local inventory.

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Get your products in front of the right people. Meet your goals.

With our advertising for our products, you can:

Shopping ads are more than just words—use a picture of the product, a title, the price, the name of the store, and other information.

Why run ads for shopping?

Leads that are better suited

As a merchant, you can improve the quality of your leads by putting information about your products right in your ads. This will help people make better buying decisions. This makes people more likely to buy something from your site. For instance, if Sally types "fish bowl" into Google, she might see Shopping ads from stores that sell fish bowls. She can tell just by looking at the picture which fish bowl she would like. She can also tell quickly from the price if the fish bowl is in her price range. This means that by the time Sally clicks on the ad, she knows a lot about the product and how much it costs. Compared to the average web user, this puts her further down the buying funnel.

Easy campaign management that focuses on retail

Instead of keywords, Shopping ads use the product attributes you set up in your Merchant Center data feed to show your ads when relevant searches are done. You can look at your products right in Google Ads and make groups for the ones you want to bid on.

More of a presence

For a given user search, more than one of your Shopping ads can show up. If it makes sense, a Shopping ad and a text ad can also show up at the same time. This means that for a single search, you could reach twice as many people.

Powerful reporting and data on the competition

Find out how your products are doing in as much or as little detail as you want. For example, you can see how many clicks a certain brand of high-heeled shoes got by filtering your products view—no new product groups are needed. Use benchmarking data to learn more about how you compare to your competitors. With data on impression share and the Bid Simulator tool, you can find growth opportunities.

Getting access to new stock

With Performance Max, you'll get all of the above benefits plus new information about your inventory and automation. Ads for Performance Max can be shown on YouTube, Display, Search, Discovery, Gmail, Maps, and more. Overall, Performance Max helps Google channels and networks reach new audiences.

How ads for shopping work

Shopping ads use the information about your products that you already have in the Merchant Center, not keywords, to decide how and where to show your ads. The information you give about the products you sell through the Merchant Center is called "product data." We'll use these details to match a user's search to your ads and make sure the right products are shown.


You can use Shopping or Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads to organize and promote the products in your Merchant Center inventory. This is a simple and flexible way to manage your Shopping ads. Find out what goes into a Shopping ad.


Performance Max is a type of goal-based campaign that helps you reach your goals and find more customers. To do this, Performance Max looks at campaign inputs like your budget and product feed and then optimizes performance based on those inputs.

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