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Almost everywhere you look on social media, you'll see some kind of influencer marketing. Influencers are showing off their newest snacks, clothes, makeup brands, or candles everywhere you look, and that's just the start.

Influencers are always coming up with new ways to get sponsored on their favorite platforms, whether it's through traditional posts, Instagram Stories, or long videos.


Why Use Eurawest as an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Here are five reasons why you should hire an influencer marketing agency to manage and grow your campaigns:

1. Save time

Influencer marketing takes a lot of time and money to do in-house, and we all know that time = money. The usual steps in the influencer marketing process are:

  • Setting goals and KPIs and coming up with a smart plan
  • Finding influencers, getting in touch with them, and checking them out
  • Talking, making a deal, and paying
  • Informing People Who Matter
  • Getting the product to them
  • Content coordination and review Content monitoring Content success measurement
  • Getting the most out of investments by putting content on other paid and owned channels

If you have the time and money to build an influencer marketing team, you might be able to scale your influencer marketing strategy internally, but most companies don't have that option.

Working with an agency can be a faster and cheaper way to create and implement your influencer marketing plan. An experienced agency can help you set up a strategy and agree on campaign goals, find and vet influencers, and do the hands-on work of building a campaign and working with each influencer. An agency helps with campaigns all the time and takes out a lot of the guesswork involved in influencer marketing.


2. Use their knowledge and connections to your advantage

Influencer marketing is all that agencies that do influencer marketing eat, sleep, and breathe. Even though an influencer's reach and abilities go beyond social media, most people still find and read their content there. And there are a lot of people there. Social media changes faster than any other platform. You can trust your agency to keep up with algorithm changes, new social media tools, and updates to commerce features on our favorite social platforms so you don't have to.

Working with an agency also gives you access to their knowledge of the field. Agencies like Eurawest work with thousands of Influencers every year, so if you're looking for the best influencer, your agency has probably worked with them before! They are like an extension of the brand and can do the searching and vetting for you because they are in the space every day.

Also, since they spend most of their days talking to agents, they will probably be able to get you the best deal on your programming because they talk to so many of them. Because they buy Influencers and talent so often, they are often the best at negotiating. They know how to work with agents to get the best price, and they can sometimes get deals because they can buy in bulk for multiple campaigns.

3. Choose the best platforms

Agencies know which types of influencers, campaigns, and social media channels work best for which types of audiences. An agency can help you bring your campaigns to life by matching the right creative with the right campaigns and posting on the right platforms.

For example, if a brand wants to reach middle-aged people, Facebook is usually a better choice than TikTok because it is one of the most popular platforms for that age group. TikTok, on the other hand, might be your best bet if you want to sell to Gen Z.

Influencer marketing's goal is to get your product and brand in front of your target audience in a natural way. To do this, you need to be on the platforms where your target audience spends the most time.


4. Get reports that are consistent

An influencer agency with a lot of experience knows that results are what make an influencer marketing campaign work. Agencies like Eurawest can keep an eye on each post and send you reports, so you don't have to keep refreshing the "likes" count on each post to figure out your true reach and how people feel about your brand. The most important thing is that they can give you expert advice on how well each campaign is helping you reach your business goals and what changes might give you a better return.

Influencer marketing is a full-fledged tactic for Eurawest. This means that the content created by influencers through partnerships that we help set up and manage is made to reach brands' KPIs at every stage of the customer journey, from "What's this?" to "I bought that!"

We can look at influencer content from both a free and a paid point of view. It's important to know what Influencer is driving our KPIs on its own, because those are the Influencers we should reach out to for future campaigns. Also, being able to see which pieces of paid content convert gives us a better idea of what to make in the future.

Influencer content lets you test paid assets quickly and easily. You can have Influencers talk about different aspects of products (price, quality, shipping, etc.) in their content and see what works best in a paid setting.

5. Share the right content in the right places to turn engagement into money

Amplification leads to more engagement, which in turn leads to more money.

Here's how Eurawest helps our influencer marketing clients spread their content:

1. During the contracting phase, Eurawest will talk with our Influencer partners about how we can use their content. This will help us move quickly when we get to the amplification phase.

2. Figure out which organic posts and people have the most impact.

3. Use the influencer's handle to boost the best-performing posts. To do this, we link the influencer's post to the brand's ad account's best-performing audiences. Then, we take the most engaged followers of the influencer and use them to make custom and lookalike audiences. Lastly, we add a call-to-action button and change the post's text as needed.

Each agency has its own way of getting the word out about the best content, but the goal is always to turn those impressions and engagements into money. Working with an agency can increase your return on investment (ROI) for influencer marketing and help you see results faster.


Eurawest is a performance marketing company

Our experts in every department know how important bottom-funnel activation is. Influencer marketing started out as a way to get people to know about a brand, and it’s still one of the best ways to do that. However, the end goal of almost every campaign is to make real money. And the growing number of shoppable influencer options, such as on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, helps us figure out what kind of content leads to the most sales.

When you choose Eurawest as your influencer marketing agency, we bring a number of strengths and things that make us stand out, such as:

Our team is led by an expert in digital marketing with more than 15 years of experience in the field. As a whole, our team has a lot of experience with all of the major platforms.

We don’t care about talent and work with influencers of all levels to reach different goals at every stage of the funnel, from credible experts with a few thousand followers to celebrities with millions of followers.

We also don’t care about the platform, which makes your influencer content go further by working smarter. Through strategic cross-channel distribution, our team makes sure that the best-performing, highest-quality influencer content reaches as many people as possible, even beyond the platform where it was first shared.

We believe strongly in giving the “total package.” Our best asset is our experienced team and the knowledge, connections, and skills they bring to the table. However, we also have the high-tech tools they need to research, vet, contract, measure, and optimize.

Since Eurawest is a full-service digital agency, the larger team can also help with the amplification part of Influencer programming and give advice on how to do it. Eurawest has experts who can help save time and money by putting all of this in one place so they don’t have to work with multiple agencies to run this kind of integrated programming.

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