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A full SEO assessment for your website will help you plan your digital campaign.

SEO Audit

One of our SEO audits is the first step in getting improved rankings for organizations and people who are serious about boosting their search engine results. We do a comprehensive review of your present website and digital campaigns, including a thorough explanation of what works and any areas that need immediate or long-term attention. With this new viewpoint, you’ll be able to make more educated judgments about which actions to prioritize in order to assist your site to achieve its main goals.

Our SEO audits are based on extensive experience and hard work in the digital world. They look at all of your site’s visible, hidden, and technical data, and when the audit is through, we provide you with the findings in an easy-to-understand report. Our experts in creating and executing digital campaigns will break down all of our findings and suggestions into parts, and since we don’t use jargon, we’ll always take the time to clarify anything that seems complicated.

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What Exactly Do We Check Before Creating The Digital Campaign?

Our SEO audits at EuraWest Technologies are thorough because we know they must be. Our experts in digital campaigns don’t do automatic SEO audits or vie free SEO audit assistance. A free SEO audit may seem attractive, but they often deliver inaccurate or out-of-context information. Any free or automatic solution will not examine the exact features and subtleties of YOUR website and online presence.

Each of our SEO audits is carried out by a skilled member of our team who will go through every area of your website and its technical footprint step by step.

Content analysis, digital campaign analysis, on-site and off-site SEO, user experience and competition analysis are all included in our reports, which are typically approximately 50 pages long.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Meta titles and descriptions, 404 errors, broken links between internal and external sites, XML sitemaps, schema markup, structured data and more are all reviewed in the initial step of each audit.

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Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

We’ll examine your digital campaigns, website’s backlink profile, social media outlets, and brand mentions in the section on off-site SEO. We also double-check any Google integrations to ensure they’re properly set up and configured.

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User Experience

Your website’s success is directly related to the quality of the user’s experience. We examine mobile responsiveness, page performance, and the activity of your present users and clients in this section of our analysis.

Analyze the Content

Every website should contain high quality material, including writing, images and video. We are looking for keywords, duplicate copies, image and video optimization, and future material recommendations.

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Analysis of Competitors

Competitor Analysis is an in-depth examination of your digital marketplace’s other businesses. This enables you to make educated judgments about your digital campaigns and plan fresh content to acquire or develop in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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On-Site Search Engine Optimization

A website’s individual pages are enhanced to increase its search engine ranking (SEO) using the technique of “keyword stuffing”. When it comes to SEO, on-site vs off-site, it’s all about the web page’s content and HTML code.

This phase of the audit examines a variety of on-site SEO parameters that are all equally essential. Meta titles and descriptions, indexing by search engine results pages (SERPs), broken links (404s), and whether or not an XML sitemap has been created and how it has been configured are just a few examples.

As part of our SEO audit, we check to see whether your site’s schema markup and other types of structured data have been put up correctly and if there are any missed opportunities to boost your digital campaign.

  • Meta-descriptions
  • Descriptions in the meta tags
  • 404 Errors in URL
  • Structure Index Coverage
  • Internal Links That Are Broken
  • External Links That Are Broken
  • Sitemaps in HTML
  • Sitemaps in XML
  • Robots.txt /Schema Markup
  • Offsite Storage of Structured Data SEO

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is a word that refers to actions that take place outside of your websites, such as link building, social networking, and mentions of your company in the media.

Specifically, this phase of the audit investigates the domain name itself, focusing on the domain authority and any possible changes that might be made.

Our digital campaign experts examine the current backlink status of your website, including any broken, new, and lost backlinks, in order to provide your site with a cleaner, more efficient digital profile. Citation analysis is also included to locate any online brand references, highlighting any material that needs to be cleaned up as well as possible new marketing possibilities. We also provide a social media evaluation to aid in the improvement of your customer-facing communication channels.

Google Tools

Last but not least, we check to see whether all of your Google tools (Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager) are calibrated appropriately and if there are any additional features that might be beneficial to your website.

  • Google Search Console
  • Broken Backlinks
  • Domain Authority
  • Domain Age
  • Backlinks from new sources
  • Backlinks that have been lost
  • Analysis of Citations from Social Media
  • Google Analytics
  • Effects of Google Algorithm Updates on Google Tag Manager
  • User Interaction

Digital Campaign

When it comes to digital campaigns, it's not always about driving more visitors to your website. It's critical to think about what occurs when a visitor or possible new client arrives on your site and begins browsing. It's pointless to invest time and money on SEO to attract traffic if clients don't like what they see when they arrive.

We look at how your website operates and if it functions properly across all devices and browsers in this section of our in-depth assessment. We examine how quickly your material loads and if it can be improved so that your users don’t have to wait. Then our digital campaign experts go through all of your metrics to see how your clients use your site, what they look at, what they purchase, and how long they stay. This offers us and you very clear indications of what’s working and what’s not.

  • Optimisation for mobile
  • Page Performance & Speed
  • Rate of Bounce
  • Locations of Users
  • User Experiences
  • Pages of Exit
  • Conversions & Goals
  • Analyze the content

Content Audit

You cannot understate the value of your website's content to the importance of the digital campaign. In order to win the search engine results, your content must be excellent in every way. We are all focused, motivated, and inspired by it.

As part of our content audit, the team of digital campaign professionalists do keyword research and examine all of your existing material to ensure that your site is speaking to the proper audience. We also evaluate the website for duplicate material that might create problems and give landing page suggestions to assist attract more focused visitors. We review each video and picture on your site for correct optimization, as well as provide ideas and recommendations for future material that can help you rank higher.

  • Landing Pages
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Research
    Analysis at the Page Level
  • Analysis of Copies
  • Analyzing Images
  • Content & Media
  • Video Audits
  • Analysis of Competitors


Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competitors' digital campaign is a terrific method to understand how yours compares and how it might be improved.

Examining your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses will enable you to see opportunities and dangers and react appropriately from a position of knowledge. We examine a variety of criteria in this area, including your rivals’ domain authority, backlink profiles, and social signals.

Competitors may not be direct business rivals; they might be websites that rank higher in the SERPs than yours. We will usually request a list of your rivals, but we may provide our own if we believe they are appropriate. We’ve experienced that many times under Eternus Global.

Actions & Suggestions

Once the SEO audit is complete, our digital campaign specialists organize a phone call or face-to-face appointment to go through the results.

SEO is difficult, and mastering it requires time and practice. We’ll go through everything we discovered and answer any concerns you have regarding your website’s present situation.

We give a list of suggested activities at the conclusion of each SEO audit report. These will be mentioned in order of importance, beginning with any essential difficulties and progressing to those that are required to attain your long-term digital campaign goals.

Following a consultation with our staff, you may either conduct the audit and complete the work in-house, or we can assist you with as little or as much work as your budget permits. If you’d want us to implement the report’s suggestions, we’ll build a digital campaign that lays out the work month by month. This may be scheduled over any length of time to ensure that the project progresses at a rate that is convenient for you and your company.

If you think your site may benefit from a thorough SEO audit, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process, the charges, and the good results that our previous customers have had.

Get Started Now With Digital Campaign

To inquire about one of our SEO audits, please fill out the form below. We’d be pleased to talk about your digital campaign with you by email, phone, or in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO auditing is a crucial aspect of running a successful website and staying on top of your SEO strategy. You risk jeopardizing your site’s digital presence and losing conversions and clicks if you don’t conduct frequent audits.

An SEO audit focuses on your website’s technical aspects. We look at the data and information on your website to see how we can boost your SEO and search engine ranking. Mobile optimization, for example, is a critical SEO component that may affect your bounce rate, loading times, and conversions.

SEO audit tools have become more important in digital marketing as search engine algorithms grow increasingly complex.

SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu are three of the top SEO audit tools accessible online. You may, of course, contact a local digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO audits for companies and organizations.

When an external site publishes a link back to your website, this is known as an inbound link. Because backlinks are used by search engine algorithms to determine who has authority in a certain issue, having backlinks that drive visitors back to your website is critical for your SEO rankings.

It used to be all about the number of inbound connections you had. In recent years, search engines have begun to prioritize quality above quantity. As a consequence, having thousands of spammy, low-quality links is much better for your SEO than having links from respected (and relevant) websites.

You can verify your SEO rankings using a variety of web tools. Simply type in your domain name and the term you want to check. Your domain authority, as well as any other relevant metrics, will be shown by your selected tool.
SEMRush and Ahrefs are two tools we suggest for this approach.

Your SEO approach is built on four primary pillars that are still critical to your complete digital strategy.
Technical SEO refers to how well your material is crawled and indexed.
Material — Make sure your website has relevant, high-quality content.
Onsite SEO – ensuring that your website and each individual page, including your content, is optimized for search engines.
Offsite SEO — Establishing authority in your field so that search engines such as Google and Bing will rank you appropriately.
We can help you with your SEO if you need further help. We can offer your website a digital boost with an effective SEO plan that genuinely works if we use these four key pillars.

The total visibility of a page on social media, including shares and likes, is referred to as a social signal. In SEO, social signals operate similarly to backlinks in that they contribute to a page’s organic search ranking.

Local SEO is a search engine optimization method that helps companies and organizations appear more prominently in local search results.
Local SEO is beneficial if your company has a physical presence or delivers services in a particular region.

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The list of clients we have speaks for itself. We’ve represented everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations with the same partnering approach and passion at the heart of each engagement since our inception. We’ve been committing our hearts and brains to our customers every day since 2003, generating amazing success and developing enduring partnerships.

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