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WordPress website development and maintenance services tailored to your needs

Experts in WordPress Website Development

Everything we do at EuraWest Technologies revolves around WordPress. WordPress allows us the freedom and security to create a clever and unique website development for our customers, whether we’re designing and creating an exciting new WordPress website or using one of the large variety of inventive plugins available to optimize your SEO.

When WordPress was originally introduced in 2004, it revolutionized online design and functionality. Our team has been developing WordPress websites since then. WordPress, with more than 75 million websites powered by it, is the most widespread open-source Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

In the course WordPress website development for a wide range of companies, we’ve learned a lot about how to tailor the platform to meet the demands of our clients.

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Creativity, Clarity, And Usability

We create WordPress sites that are both creative and practical, as well as very engaging. You can count on them to drive more traffic to your site and generate more engagement from the people who matter most to your business. The cornerstones to a great WordPress website development are clarity and simplicity. A site with a simple design and a pleasant user experience can aid you in achieving your specific marketing objectives.

Premium Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a User-Friendly CMS

By enabling our designers to embed SEO tactics into the fabric of your site from the start, WordPress development sites provide unrivalled choices for optimizing your search rankings. Because WordPress is so extensively used, you can expect frequent upgrades, your site will be future-proofed, and the content management systems will be comprehensive, straightforward, and user-friendly.

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Hosting, Maintenance, And Security

Without secure hosting and maintenance methods in place, websites will not operate. These are required for your website’s sustainability, internet visibility, and security. Your website is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with our 99.9% uptime guarantee, frequent backups, and monthly security updates.

Website Development for WordPress Website

The world’s most favoured website Content Management System (CMS) is driven by WordPress, a free and open-source platform. Over 28% of all websites on the internet utilize it because it is easygoing, practical, and completely customizable.

Bloggers were the first to use WordPress to share their tales. More and more multinational companies are turning to WordPress for its scalability, security, usability, and dependability when it comes to distributing their content to an audience of billions of people across the world.

The nicest part about developing websites with WordPress, apart from the fact that it is free, is that it is regularly updated and enhanced. With each platform upgrade, users have access to exciting new features and strong functionalities that keep their websites ahead of the competition.

Having a WordPress-developed website may benefit you in a variety of ways. Please contact our team if you have any other questions about WordPress, and we’ll be happy to share our experiences with the platform. You can also visit our Eternus Global website.

There are no contract tie-ins

You are not obligated to make a contract with anyone because there is no contract tie-in. You’re not tied to a single provider, so you can quickly switch. 

There are no license costs

WordPress being open-source may be used at any time and by anybody, anywhere. There are no license costs to pay. All platform updates are also available for free.

Friendly to search engines

It’s much more effortless for search engines to index your material when the website is developed in WordPress. Meta titles, tags, and keywords may be added to each page, post, or image, allowing your content to be seen by a wider audience.

You have the information, and you get to make the choice

You are the only proprietor of your WordPress-developed site data. It’s never tied to a certain source, so you may transfer it or switch providers at any moment.

Adaptable to several users

It’s possible to give multiple responsibilities to different persons since WordPress includes built-in user levels that range from Super Admin through Author, Contributor and Editor.

It's easy to use

The success of WordPress is partly due to its simplicity of use and intuitiveness. User training is kept to a minimum since many users are already acquainted with the platform.

Boost the impact of your content

It’s easy for your Marketing or Publishing teams to manage your content because of powerful publishing capabilities like previews, scheduling, and revisions.

Completely customizable

WordPress is the engine that drives your website. Because it is totally customizable, you can provide your guests with a completely unique look and experience.

WordPress has several advantages

When it comes to technical SEO, WordPress has a lot to offer when it comes to increasing the visibility of your site in search engine results pages. It provides you with a firm foundation for reaching page one of the search engine rankings.

Rest API's that work

Rest APIs allow you to deliver a fully filled website or an expanded web-developed app, thanks to WordPress’s capabilities and configurable features.

Options in several languages

If you require a bilingual website, you may use the WordPress Multisite setup or pick from the largest range of highly-rated translation plugins.

High-level security

WordPress is a safe and secure platform because of its peer-reviewed source code. This implies that even the largest, most security-conscious businesses will be running the same version as you.

Complete integration

WordPress provides comprehensive and secure connections with various external online services, forums, and user accounts if you wish your website to connect to them.

Design that is adaptable

The freedom of WordPress means that your choices and creativity are endless, regardless of the style, feel, or design you desire for your website.

The Benefits of Using WordPress for Performance

WordPress will meet or exceed any speed criteria you set. WordPress can distribute your content with breakneck speed to any audience, global or local.


WordPress is one of the most stable and trustworthy CMS systems in the world, thanks to its ongoing innovation, robust code foundation, and secure architecture.


WordPress has the capacity to scale up and down with ease. This implies your site can handle thousands of simultaneous user log-ins and millions of page requests.

Services for WordPress Maintenance and Support

We provide a range of WordPress maintenance and support services at EuraWest Technologies. We can create a custom plan for you that includes everything from fully-managed hosting and maintenance to on-demand assistance. Our website development team will help you with every element of designing, constructing, managing, and hosting your website, and we can customise a solution to your specific goals, timeline, and budget.

If you don’t have the time or resources to handle your site in-house, we can assist by becoming your digital team on call. Our website support retainers are tailored to your specific needs and provide you with the freedom you want, with no long-term commitments or ties-ins.

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Improvement Is Ongoing

While you focus on your company, we'll make sure your website is constantly up to date and running well. Our website maintenance services include the assistance of our WordPress website developers, who will monitor and modify your site on a regular basis to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Professionals in Website Development in WordPress

To keep projects on track, the website development team will assign you a dedicated account manager who will be available to answer any questions you may have about your site and its performance. We put a lot of effort into recruiting and educating each member of our staff, so you'll always be dealing with a WordPress expert.

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You'll Save Money and Time

Working with a seasoned agency team like EuraWest Technologies can help you get a better knowledge of your site's requirements. We can help you decide how to best go ahead with your online presence and teach you how to develop the website and expand it in order to get significant new interaction.

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Website Development Services Fundamentals

EuraWest Technologies offers the following with every WordPress support retainer:

WordPress Plugins

Add-ons, or plugins, are software applications that enhance the functionality of WordPress.

The plugin catalogue now has over 50,000 open-source plugins accessible for free. They can assist you with anything from E-commerce, online booking, and picture display to fundraising, secure logins, and data collection.

Plugins may help you do everything you set out to do with your website. They are much more accessible from third-party WordPress plugin sites, as well as more paid alternatives, in addition to those offered straight from WordPress. These have been designed for sale by individual developers and tech businesses and may be purchased or installed on a monthly basis.

Each plugin you install will assist you in giving your consumers precisely what they want and need. 

While WordPress plugins may assist your site do a variety of extra tasks, you should keep the number of plugins you employ to a minimum. Their basic code may not be as flawless as it should be since they were produced by a third party. Too many may cause your site to slow down and cause bugs, malfunctions, and compatibility concerns.

To prevent this from occurring in our builds, we always include custom code and only include the plugins that are absolutely necessary to improve your site’s user experience. The core selection of plugins we use on a daily basis has been tried and tested over a long period of time and provides you with the improved functionality you want.


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Contact Form 7

Another essential plugin for every WordPress-developed website with a contact or information collection form. Contact Form 7 is completely customizable, allowing you to handle many forms with ease. Its CAPTCHA screening also helps to keep your mailbox free of spam and trash mails.

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WPMU DEV is a powerful set of high-end website development tools that provides us with everything we need to efficiently administer your website. WPMU DEV is a vital toolbox for optimum site efficiency and maintenance, including onsite performance, critical backups, optimization, and more.

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SEO by Yoast

One of the most well-known and widely used WordPress plugins is Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin may help you improve your website’s ranking in search results. If you’ve got a website developed on WordPress and you want it to rank well in the search engines, this is a must-have tool for you (Search Engine Results Pages).

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For online e-commerce, WooCommerce is doubtlessly the most widespread plugin. You can rest easy knowing that WooCommerce seamlessly interacts with WordPress and over 140 region-specific payment options so that you may sell both physical and digital products with confidence.

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Millions of WordPress-developed sites use the Akismet plugin to prevent spam and dangerous information from appearing on contact or comment forms. It removes undesired content and rogue comments from your site on a regular basis, and you may inspect any detected stuff in your admin section.

Plugins for Boosting WordPress Performance

Our goal as dedicated and skilled WordPress website developers is to make each site we build as quick and efficient as possible. In addition to utilizing our own clean, custom-written code, CDNs, and thoroughly optimized content, we also propose a set of WordPress plugins that improve the speed and efficiency of your site, including:
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Page speed is a significant component in improving your site’s SERP ranks. Hummingbird will fly across your site, giving each page a boost to ensure that it loads quicker and gets better rankings. It identifies the files that are slowing down your site and makes advice on how to improve them.

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WP Smush Pro

Using the award-winning image compression provided by the WP Smush Pro plugin, which has over one million installations, you can improve your site and preserve server space. This useful feature ensures that every picture in your directory is precisely scaled and thoroughly optimized, ensuring that your site performs at its best.

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Total Cache for W3

W3 Total Cache is another great plugin with over one million active downloads globally. It’s a handy tool for improving the performance of your WordPress-developed site. With W3 Total Cache, your website will load faster and operate better for you and your visitors.

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For excellent SERP ranks and a positive user experience, your website must be fully developed and optimized throughout; Autoptimize makes this simple. All of your page files will be calibrated by this plugin, including embedded scripts and HTML, in order to make your site more dependable and speedy.

Plugins For Security

Any organization that operates online should make security a primary concern. In spite of the high degree of security provided by WordPress as a standalone website development platform, brute force attacks, other types of hacking, or dangerous digital damage to your site and log in the area may not be prevented.
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The defender uses sophisticated, multilayer security technologies to keep your site secure from hackers, attackers, and harmful bots. Multi-layered defense includes IP blacklist management, Google 2-step verification, in-depth analysis and repair of WordPress core files, 404 limit to prevent bots in their paths, and a host of other security features.

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WordPress security plugin Wordfence employs a web-developed application firewall and a constantly updated threat prevention feed to detect and block destructive brute force assaults and malware threats. Wordfence provides full and comprehensive security for your website with strong features such as leaky password protection, sophisticated manual blocking, two-factor authentication, and vast repair files.

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All in One WP Security & Firewall

For your WordPress-developed site, you need the All in One WordPress Security and Firewall plugin, which provides all of the necessary security and firewall features. It decreases security risks by searching for vulnerabilities and installing the most recent WordPress security recommendations. It has a lot of components, including user accounts, logins, registrations, file system security, database, as well as a blacklist and firewall. For worldwide coverage, the plugin may also be translated into different languages.

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The ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox has been put on millions of websites throughout the globe. Although Google’s reCAPTCHA protects your site against spam and abuse, the one-time verification may not necessarily cover all uses. The improved reCAPTCHA v3 technology is more secure and has additional functionality.

ReCAPTCHA uses advanced risk analysis to identify potentially harmful traffic, such as abusive or spam reviews and unauthorized log-ins. It keeps harmful bots out while allowing legitimate users to get through without issue.


Some Of Our Clients

The list of clients we have speaks for itself. We’ve represented everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations with the same partnering approach and passion at the heart of each engagement since our inception. We’ve been committing our hearts and brains to our customers every day since 2003, generating amazing success and developing enduring partnerships.

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