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How Do I Report SEO to Google Analytics?

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To reach a larger audience, the majority of contemporary organisations use digital marketing approaches as one of their most crucial marketing strategies. This is mainly because the majority of consumers can now be contacted online, and practically all digital marketing platforms enable companies to monitor every interaction with their adverts with the help of companies such as Eurawest. As a result, enormous amounts of data are produced, and these platforms enable organisations to analyse that data in order to determine the effectiveness of their digital marketing initiatives.

In order to help you plan your future tactics, Google, for instance, enables you to create several sorts of Google Analytics SEO Reports. These reports may provide you with a detailed analysis of how well your website is doing and how your target audience is interacting with it. You may undertake accurate analysis of your website and its visitors by using the finest Google Analytics SEO Reports that you will learn about in this post.

Overview of Google Analytics 

As a component of its Google Marketing Platform, Google Analytics is a web analytics platform. Google Analytics is known to the majority of firms that employ digital marketing strategies to reach a larger audience nowadays. Website traffic is tracked and reported using it. The majority of businesses use Google Analytics to figure out how many people visit their website, monitor users’ locations, follow visitors as they become leads or customers, etc. In order to conduct a thorough and reliable analysis, Google Analytics also provides direct interaction with other Google products, like Google AdWords, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, etc. Moreover, Google Analytics provides tools for measuring the effectiveness of your website or application. It may track a variety of data, including domain ranking, page performance, and mobile friendliness.

Using Google Analytics has many benefits. The ability to create Google Analytics SEO Reports is among the biggest perks.

Introduction to SEO Reporting with Google Analytics

We are all aware that an excellent approach to gauge Search Engine Optimization is via keyword ranking or also known as SEO. A high keyword ranking indicates that more people are visiting your website. The difficulty lies in the fact that keyword rankings do not provide an SEO master plan, but Google Analytics SEO Report does.

To identify which areas of your website work well and which areas need more attention, you need to delve deeper and study data more thoroughly. Due to Google’s specially created Google Analytics SEO Reports, you may learn what’s happening behind the scenes of the website.

The 8 Best SEO Reports for Google Analytics

The following are the top Google Analytics SEO Reports crucial for boosting SEO performance:

1. Report on Mobile Overview

Even though smartphones can run more sophisticated applications than desktop computers, everyone is still adopting mobile technologies. Marketing professionals cannot overlook mobile technology as a result, particularly in the current digital environment.

This demonstrates the necessity for you to create a website that is compatible with every portable device. Many people will move to your competitor’s website if they can’t access yours since it isn’t mobile-friendly.

Overview of the Mobile An all-inclusive solution is offered by Google Analytics’ SEO Report. It is included under the Audience category and offers the Overview and Devices reports.

You may examine data chunks organised by device type, such as mobile, desktop, and tablets, by selecting the Overview tab.

You may now identify the device category that is bringing you the most traffic. The Overview Report contrasts stats for tablet, desktop, and mobile users, including Bounce Rate, Page/Session, and Average Session Length. If you notice that a lot of mobile visitors are leaving your website quickly, your website may not be mobile-friendly.

The Device Report, in contrast, provides information on the kind of mobile device being used to access your website as well as the access method. You may obtain details about the device, such as its specifications or model type, that a visitor used to access your website under the Device Reports tab.

So, by utilising the Mobile Overview Google Analytics SEO Report, you may pinpoint your website’s weak areas in terms of mobile compatibility and explore options to improve SEO or the website’s rating.

2. Report on Segments

The Segmentation Report from Google Analytics, which provides details on organic traffic, is another potent SEO report. To evaluate trends, Segment Mode divides the combined data into groups based on a variety of factors, including age, gender, geography, income, and much more. You may determine which important aspects are driving up company results with the aid of the segments. You may learn more about how users engage with your website when they access it by choosing the Organic traffic category.

Understanding your website’s primary audience and its buying power is the cornerstone of segmentation. You may identify the locations, genders, and age groups that are the main sources of your company’s income. 

You may handle advertising campaigns and marketing departments in accordance with their requirements if you are aware of buyer personas and particular trends, which will help you keep those consumers.

The portion also includes information about your rivals. It enables you to provide discounts, giveaways, and awards in order to outperform your rivals and raise your search rating.

3. Report on Landing Pages

The bounce rate and exit rate are negatively related to the SEO health. Low bounce rates indicate that your website is keeping people on it and that your landing pages are gaining their trust.

The Exit Rate informs you which material isn’t captivating the audience, but the Landing Page Google Analytics SEO Report reveals which content or pages users read first when they open your website. You may alter or enhance that material in this manner to make it more remarkable.

The All Pages Report in Google Analytics provides insightful information. Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average Time on Page, Entrances, Bounce Rate, Exit Percentage Rate, and Page Value are the seven metrics included in the report. Page Value and Page Views are the two most significant metrics. The Page Value field allows you to estimate the money each page generates.

4. Purchase Report

To examine your acquisition, pick the All-Traffic option from the Acquisition menu, then place your mouse over the Source/Medium. Report about Google Analytics’ SEO. You’ll have a thorough grasp of your traffic’s origins thanks to this analysis. You may use it to compare SEO traffic from the many search engines people use to visit or locate your website. For instance, you may figure out how much SEO traffic is brought in by each source that leads visitors to your website.

5. Channel Report

Choose the All-traffic option under the Acquisition tab, but this time, hover your cursor over the Channel choice. This will bring up the channel-specific Acquisition Google Analytics SEO Report. You can see the numerous sources of SEO traffic, including referrals and social media platforms. From there, you can determine which channels are driving more traffic and which channels are being utilised by visitors to approach Landing Pages. Bounce Rate, Goal Conversion, and E-Commerce links across channels may all be compared with additional investigation.

For instance, if a certain channel generates a lot of SEO traffic but the conversion rate is poor, your content has to be more engaging and the connected material needs to be transparent with that channel. On the other hand, a high conversion rate combined with a low volume of visitors from a certain platform indicates that you may need a more convincing campaign or marketing.

6. Report on Referrals

Referrals are the primary source of business sector sales, leads, and customers. Customers that feel their requirements are being met by your company will recommend it to their friends, family, and other people.

The site’s SEO traffic may be increased using the same strategy. To enhance website impressions across search engines, referral links are crucial. If another website links to yours, it implies you will increase your audience, organic traffic, and results.

Spending some time looking over the Referral Google Analytics SEO Reports is advised. Check every referral link to see how your brand is being used and what other websites are saying about your website. When popular websites with high search engine rankings, such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Quora, and Instagram, link to the web pages on your website, the website automatically displays a high rating in search engines.

7. Report on Site Speed 

One of the most fundamental prerequisites for a great user experience is a fast website. A study found that if a web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 25% of visitors quit the site. First impressions are based on how quickly a page loads, and a slow-loading website can turn off visitors. Moreover, it causes the revenue graph to drop.

There are several website performance optimisation solutions available, but Site Speed A potential method to determine how quickly each web page loads is the Google Analytics SEO Report.

Click on the Site Speed tab, choose the Behavior tab, and then move the pointer to the Overview. The link between the bounce rate and exit rate is provided, and the site performance is thoroughly examined to assist you identify the web pages that are taking longer than normal. Your development team can address these loading and website difficulties thanks to this helpful knowledge.

8. Search Console

It is clear that the page cannot maintain a high position over time. Hence, to get results, you must adopt a recreation approach, carry out frequent updates, and engage in republication.

You can fix this problem using the Search Console function. You may see which blog pieces performed well in the past and now need revision to capture readers’ interest once again. The graph shows all of the Organic traffic produced by a particular blog, providing you with a comprehensive overview of republication. In a nutshell, the Search Console tool uncovers high-ranking sites that might boost SEO traffic and low-functioning possibilities.


Unquestionably, using Google Analytics SEO Reports is the gold standard for obtaining critical information and doing in-depth analysis. It functions as a tool for gathering information and provides precise data for organic traffic and website ranking.

But, it might also turn out to be a poor instructor, particularly if you focus on the incorrect areas. You need reliable data to help you make better judgements. Nevertheless, incorrect data interpretation results in misleading statistics, and the use of small samples might eventually lead to major problems.

Use just the reports that are relevant to you and your particular company speciality. Consider the audience while analysing Google Analytics SEO Reports, and respond in accordance with market needs and trends. To keep things simple, many Google Analytics SEO Report kinds that are essential for boosting SEO traffic were covered in this blog article.

To reach prospective clients, most firms nowadays employ a variety of digital marketing channels, including LinkedIn Advertising, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, etc. Google makes it simple to generate Google Analytics SEO Reports by integrating data from other Google products, however because data from platforms other than Google hasn’t been combined, these reports won’t offer you with an appropriate analysis. It is possible to manually import data from other platforms or to integrate it via their API, however doing so might be challenging. Alternatively, companies might choose to employ Hevo or other automated data integration systems.

Learn how to use Google Analytics to measure your SEO performance. From tracking organic search traffic and page views to understanding user engagement and more.

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