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How To Use Google Analytics 4

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Create a new GA4 property that gathers data with your current Universal Analytics property using the GA4 Setup Assistant. Your Universal Analytics property is unchanged and continues to collect data as usual. Both properties may be accessed using the property selector or the Admin interface.

How Does It Work?

The GA4 Setup Assistant wizard consists of the following steps:

  • Create a new GA4 property.
  • Copy your Universal Analytics property’s name, website URL, timezone, and currency settings.
  • Enhance measurement in your GA4 property.
  • This function connects your Universal Analytics and GA4 properties. This link enables you to move configurations from your Universal Analytics property to your GA4 property using Setup Assistant in your Google Analytics 4 property.
  • If you reuse an existing site tag, this parameter is set to accept data from your current Google tag.

The GA4 Setup Assistant process does not load previous data into your new GA4 property. Your GA4 property only gathers data in the future. Use the reports in your Universal Analytics property to view historical data.

Get Started

The Editor role for the account is required to utilize the GA4 Setup Assistant. To construct your GA4 property, follow the steps outlined below. This method is applicable whether your website pages contain:

  • A Google Analytics tag (gtag.js or analytics.js).
  • A Google Ads tag (gtag.js).
  • A Google Tag Manager container.
  1. Click the Admin button (bottom left) in Google Analytics.
  2. Make sure your preferred account is selected in the Account column. (This option is automatically selected if you have one Google Analytics account.)
  3. Select the Universal Analytics property that currently gathers data for your website and content marketing in the Property column.
  4. GA4 Setup Assistant may be found in the Property column. The first choice in the Property column is it.
  5. Under I want to build a new Google Analytics 4 property, click Get Started.
  6. Depending on how your site is presently marked, you’ll have one of the following options in the Create a new Google Analytics 4 property pop-up screen:
  • Create and keep going. Continue to Set up a Google tag page (step 7) by clicking this button.
  • Make a property. If you see this option, Analytics can utilize your current Universal Analytics tagging for your GA4 property. Analytics will generate a linked site tag that connects your Universal Analytics and GA4 assets. Select this option to go to the section Next steps with your new GA4 property (below).

Advanced users should know that this option supports standard data gathering for your GA4 property. Review these considerations for additional steps if you’ve created custom tags for your UA property.

7. Select the option that best suits your circumstance on the Set up a Google tag page and follow the instructions to finish building your new GA4 property:

  • Use the Google tag you may find on your website (recommended).
  • Use an existing Google tag.
  • Set up a Google tag.

Steps to Take With Your New GA4 Property

Once you’ve completed the procedure, you’ll notice “You have successfully connected your properties” at the top of your Google Analytics 4 Property Setup Assistant page.

Make a note of the name of your GA4 property so you can find it later. If your Universal Analytics property name is “Example property (UA-nnnnnn),” your GA4 property name will be “Example property – GA4 (xxxxxxx),” where xxxxxxx is a new property number.

Click Open Setup Assistant in your new GA4 property by visiting your GA4 property. Setup Assistant in Google Analytics 4 properties assists you in completing the setup of your Google Analytics 4 property by guiding you through suggested features and settings.

Data might take up to 30 minutes to display in your new GA4 property. Browse your website and then pick Real-time from the report navigation to confirm that data is being captured. The Real-time report should show activity.

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