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How To Use Google Trends In Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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You must read this blog especially if you’re a content marketer and haven’t looked at Google Trends yet! And, believe us, by the end of it, employing Google Trends for digital marketing will indeed be your definitely a great marketing tactic.

The foundation of marketing is content marketing, and you cannot ignore it. Besides that, not missing is insufficient. You must succeed. After your goods or services, your content conveys the most information about your brand. It follows that you must carefully design your material. And utilizing one of the greatest resources at your disposal, Eurawest is here to assist you in organizing your information.

Trending on Google! Let’s start!

Google Trends: What Is It?

A program that provides information on the most popular Google searches is called Google Trends. This tool offers information on keyword search volume, number of queries, popularity over period, and most active geographical areas. In essence, it’s an awesome strategy for crushing content marketing!

Google Trends: How to Utilize It for Content Marketing

Let’s get to the main point. Eurawest listed 12 practical strategies to leverage Google Trends for content marketing below:

  1. Produce original, popular interactive content

Questions consistently rank among the most popular subjects. Google Trends also aids in finding similar queries. You can take advantage of this chance to respond to their questions with a dash of individuality and benefit your intended audience. You can either choose one of these hot topics and write a lengthy blog article about it or you can produce captivating interactive content to give your audience in-the-moment solutions. 

Unlike traditional material, interactive content encourages two-way communication with your audience. You’ve never heard of interactive material before. Here is a quick start instruction for newcomers!

Your audience’s pain points can be addressed using a variety of content kinds, including quizzes, calculators, eCommerce suggestions, and more, now that you are aware of the wide range of interactive content.

For instance, if a search for automobile purchases is popular, you may take advantage of the opportunity to make a quiz like this or how about a tool that tells you how much money you’ll save by purchasing a Tesla? These tools will quickly clear up any of their questions and produce leads for your company.

You can utilize a variety of other readymade designs we have for your sector. Do you want to learn how to produce such interesting content? Choose to work with Eurawest for better outputs. 

  1. Look for hot topics that are pertinent to you

You must ensure that the material you provide adds value for your viewers. Nonetheless, it might be challenging to consistently produce relevant and new information. You may find content ideas that are of interest to your viewers and are trending with Google Trends. You can find content ideas that are pertinent to you by typing a general topic into the search bar. Consistently creating timely material can help you attract people and keep them on your site. Also, Google Trends will assist you in ensuring the strictness of your content marketing plans.

  1. Improve Your Content Repository

You can quickly plan future content because Google Trends provides you with a graph showing the effectiveness of keywords or keyphrases through time. Sincere to say, predicting the kind of material that will succeed is the basis of content marketing. You can accomplish that thanks to Google Trends.

You can build content around the phrases whose graph is rising by taking note of them. You may even keep a database of these keywords in the future. You can change the subject of your content resources if a keyword is heading downward.

  1. Examine Any Changes in Your Website’s Traffic

There may be times when you see a rapid change in the amount of visitors to your website but are unable to identify the source. Google Trends saves the day. You can determine if the decline applies to all people who are interested in a particular issue or not. If Google Trends shows a decline, you’ve identified the problem, indicating that it affects the entire business. If not, you must examine your website to see if there have been any modifications.

  1. Make Your Keyword Research Better

A great piece of content will obviously be useless unless and until it has been polished for SEO. Also, you must conduct adequate research before curating your material if you want to ensure that it actually yields the desired outcomes.You can conduct keyword research using Google Trends and develop content that is focused on those phrases. And as a result, traffic is going to come hunting for you, my friend!

  1. Improve Your Branding Initiatives

You can assess how your brand is perceived elsewhere. You won’t be able to take advantage of this function right now if you’re just getting started. Yet, if you believe that you are expanding, you can monitor the success of your brand name.

Consider this, for instance. On Google Trends, the term “Outgrow” was looked up. Outgrow is a generic word that may be looked up for other purposes as well, thus the graph is quite good-looking.

Additionally keep in mind that you can start producing more branded content if Google Trends indicates that your brand name isn’t performing well. You will rank higher as a result.

  1. Watch Long-Term Trends

You can still go past a certain point using Google Trends, which is one of its best features. LOL, not literally. But, you can observe which keywords have really been consistently performing well for a considerable amount of time. Using such keywords is always a smart move.

Perhaps you posted a blog post that was published three years ago for a keyword that was popular at the time. That keyword, however, receives few searches at the moment. Now you may search for words that could have taken its place. then use it as the basis for repurposing your content.

  1. Timetable for Publishing a Plan

You may check out a keyword’s performance on several weekdays. The material can then be scheduled to go online on the days with the best performance. This will expand your audience and, perhaps, increase conversions. The forecasts from Google Trends barely seem off.

  1. Use the Related Questions feature

You can outperform your rivals by using Google Trends’ related queries tool for content marketing. You can look at more search terms that your audience is using. You can also find out what customers of your rivals could be looking for. In this manner, you can improve your material based on the demands of the audience.

  1.  Work on the New Questions

You have the opportunity to view the related inquiries that are vying for attention when you visit the related queries area. For instance, this is how the growing queries section appeared for the phrase “facebook” shortly after Facebook renamed it to Meta. These statistics can be used to generate content for growing keywords that will inevitably perform better.

  1.  Lookup Hashtags for Social Media

Do you understand what we’re talking about? Social media hashtags must “trend,” and the best place to stay current on these trends is Google Trends. Your reach will increase right away if you only make sure you’re relevant.

  1. Seasonal advertising campaigns should be made.

You can build seasonal campaigns after researching how certain marketing performed during various seasons. What may be effective even during the holiday season may not be effective otherwise. Plan your posting schedule for various events using Google Trends.


So, Eurawest’s opinion and the opinions of many other marketers we shared with you, using Google Trends for content marketing appears to be a wise move. Are you open to giving it a try? Really, just do it!And what better way to get things rolling than by getting involved! A potent combination of interactive content with Google Trends exists! Create your first piece of free content with Outgrow right away. Begin your journey with Eurawest, now! 


  1. What is Google Trends’ role in SEO?

You may utilize Google Trends to look for themes that are popular right now and write content about them, which can increase your search engine optimization.

  1. How may Google Trends be used for market research?

Go to the explore area and select the appropriate category based on your requirements. Following that, you may choose a time frame and view popular market research subjects.

  1. How may Google Trends be used for eCommerce?

Google Trends may be a useful tool for eCommerce marketing because it allows you to see consumer demand in real time. Trendy products can be reviewed before being effectively marketed with quality information.

  1. What kind of social media marketing does Google Trends use?

You can make social media content based on hot themes and events that are currently trending. To increase your engagement, you may also seek social media hashtags in advance.

Google Trends is a great tool for content marketing since it gives ideas to content marketers what are the trends and interests of the consumers nowadays. 

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