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Is Google Ads Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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When it comes to deciding if Google Ads is better for your digital marketing, Eurawest is here to help you decide. Eurawest will aid you in the steps in having Google Ads as an advantage for your website with the strategies that we can provide. 

Is Google Adwords the most popular ad network?

One of the most effective digital marketing channels accessible to businesses today is Google advertisements (formerly known as Google AdWords). Also, Google AdWords is conceivably the biggest advertising platform ever created. For instance, the vast bulk of Google’s $110.8 billion in income in 2017 came from its advertising network, known at the time as Google AdWords. Google has developed a marketing eco system unlike any other because of its understanding and gathering of users’ online activities and relatively simple means of making advertisements that can be displayed globally at the push of a button.

Why are Google Search AdWords crucial to online marketers?

Google Search Ads are crucial for digital marketers (and the businesses they support) because they show advertisements to customers who are actively looking for a product or service. Liken it to a TV commercial. On a Sunday night, you are watching your favorite TV show, and during the commercial break, a new cleaning product is advertised. You were forced to stop watching because of this advertisement, whether or not it was relevant to you. In contrast, a Google Search Ad will only appear when you are actively looking for a product or for keywords or phrases that are comparable to that goods (more on keywords later). This is often referred to as “search intent.” The main driver of the massive influx of digital marketers to Google’s Ad network and their budget allocation is inquiry intent.

Are Google AdWords costly?

Google AdWords’ price varies depending on a number of variables. It will depend on the amount of competitors for your selected keywords in your chosen location for a search campaign (i.e., one where your advertisements display on Google search results page). For instance, if an unreliable company were to compete globally for the keyword “Google Ads,” you can be certain that you would have to pay a hefty fee each time one of my advertisements was clicked in order to rank above Google. It won’t just be pricey; in addition, it will also be bringing in a great deal of unneeded traffic from individuals who just want to read about or use the Google Adwords website. 

Eurawest could run a far more cost-effective campaign and get more relevant traffic to the website if given a chance to use a more tactical approach and target the phrase “Google Ads for B2B” and restrict my search to Ireland. Prior to starting to set up a campaign, it is important to adequately plan out this section of the project and make a strategic keyword selection. This is of utmost importance when thinking about a search campaign. Your entire ad campaign is built around the keywords you choose.

As long as there is sufficient monthly search traffic for the selected keywords, we would always advocate search campaigns, but there are other lower-cost options available inside the Google AdWords platform.

When wanting to increase awareness and, to some extent, create leads, many businesses may find that running display and video campaigns is a very cost-effective and profitable strategy. Display and video advertising can be focused so that they only appear to a narrowed and targeted audience, even if the focusing will never be as precise as making your ad display when someone puts in your selected term into a search engine. Eurawest will urge clients to dedicate a few of their digital advertising funds to these locations primarily because of the affordable prices and strong brand recognition these screen and video advertisements command.

Are Google Ads Effective?

Yes is the clear answer to this. If Google Ads were ineffective, advertisers, marketing firms, businesses, and people would have stopped using this digital advertising platform. But! They don’t always work, and not every business will find them to be the best course of action. Because of this, much planning must be done in the scoping and planning process before a campaign is launched. When a campaign initially appears to be too expensive to launch or there isn’t enough search volume for your target keywords, more research frequently reveals some really lucrative low hanging fruit. For instance, choosing to target a phrase with only 10 searches per month as opposed to one with 10,000 could be a wise decision if your sector is particularly specialized and has lengthy sales cycles. The best part about Google AdWords is that you only have to pay when your advertisement is seen and clicked; as long as your campaign is well thought out, there won’t be much money lost.

Is Google Adwords the greatest option for my needs in terms of digital advertising?

Once more, this depends on a variety of factors. What is your spending plan, who is your target market, what is your offering, and how well-equipped are you to deal with sales inquiries? For the majority of businesses, Google AdWords and its suite of digital marketing services are undoubtedly worth investigating, but we frequently urge customers to consider other possibilities and alternate ways to allocate their marketing expenditures. 

Depending on your industry, you might achieve great success on Facebook. Thanks to Facebook Ads Manager’s precise targeting, even B2B businesses can prosper online. Conversely, for many B2B organizations, we recommend paid advertising on LinkedIn rather than Google, particularly if the digital marketing initiatives are heavily content-focused.

A sizable toolbox comprising numerous instruments for accomplishing tasks may be found in digital marketing. Companies opted to work with expert marketing agencies to assist them in creating and implementing their digital campaigns because they understand the importance of selecting the best tool for the job because it would be a waste of time to spend the entire day using a hammer to tighten a screw!

To learn more about how we can assist you with generating leads through Google AdWords, get in touch with us at Eurawest right away.

It is essential to add Google Ads in your digital marketing strategy to help boost the engagement and traffic of your website that will aid in more revenues. 

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